PARF is a free message board for parents of actors.  Young adult actors, agents, managers, and other industry pros are welcome.  There are two ways to sign up for a free membership.  When you follow this link, you will be prompted to open a new account.  If you choose to log in with a Social Account (Facebook, Twitter, or Google/Gmail) you won’t need to open a separate Delphi account, but it will display your real nickname from that site as your PARF membername.  The other option is to use the New Member Login to open a new account with a membername of your choice.  If you open a Delphi-exclusive account, remember to log in each time using that rather than one of your social sites.

We ask new members to read our Rules and Guidelines.

We suggest you look around and read the board for a while to get a feeling for the community.  When you post, you will be greeted by a moderator with simple instructions on how to participate.  Please join us!  We look forward to meeting you.



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