Forum FAQs

Q: Hi, I’m new here. What do I need to do to get started?
A: If you don’t have one already, make up a member name that you will remember, one that is unique to you, perhaps, but one that is also not too personal. We suggest that you not use your real name or your child’s real name. Also make sure that the email associated with your account is a working email address and one that you check often as that is required here and one we will use in case we need to contact you.  If you logged in with Facebook, Google/gmail or Twitter, your nickname will appear as your membername.  If you choose not to use that, you may sign up for a new membername, which you must use each time you log into the forum.

Q: Why isn’t it a good idea to use my real name as my member name?
A: PARF is a public board open to all. Industry pros do read our board and you wouldn’t want to identify yourself in case you say something that might get you in trouble farther down the road. ie: “I’m not that happy with our agent” or “Boy, I think I could do a way better job than my son’s manager.” Clients have been dropped for less (Trust us, it’s happened).

Q: I posted but I don’t see my post yet? Where is it?
A: As a new member you are on moderation and there may be a lag time before you see your posts.

Q: What is moderation? How does it work?
A: This means that when you post it will go into a moderation queue where it will sit until approved by a moderator and released to the board. Since we are all volunteers and are not here 24/7 we may not see your post right away but be patient as it will show up.

Q: I posted something but it never showed up? Why?
A: The moderators may have felt that it violated our rules in some way or gave out too much information about yourself or your child(ren) or another member. Either way we would usual email or pm you to tell you why it did not go through. If not, please feel free to contact a mod and ask.  We don’t allow sales on the forum as it is a TOS violation, so if you posted sales information it will be deleted.  We also don’t allow shilling, name calling, or other impolite behavior.

Q: How long will I be on moderation and what can I do to get off moderation?
A: This means that when you post it will go into a moderation queue where it will sit until approved by a moderator and released to the board. Since we are all volunteers and are not here 24/7 we may not see your post right away but be patient as it will show up.  Most members are only on moderation until we get to know you, so please introduce yourself and post.

Q: I have a business which I would like to promote to your members.  How do I do that?
A: You can’t.  We don’t allow sales on the forum as it violates Delphi’s Terms of Service.  If you want to become a paid Delphi advertiser you may read this page, but it doesn’t guarantee your ad will appear on our forum.

Q: I have a question regarding the business? Should I just ask?
A: Yes, please go right ahead and ask. However, to save time you might want to do a quick search to see if your question has been asked (and answered) before.  Chances are good that you may just find what you are looking for. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: What is search and how does it work?
A: Basic (free) members can search back 3 months, Delphi Extra 6 months and Delphi Plus can search back to the beginning of the forum.  We can search on terms, on messages TO or FROM members and other combinations.  If you can’t find what you want with the membership you have, you can ask a moderator to search for a subject for you.

Q: Why shouldn’t I post my child’s real name and their reps and other information that could help my child’s career?
A: Agents and managers are members of our board and may not want you to post information about your child’s career that identify you and could affect auditions or bookings. There is no indication that giving out such information can help a child’s career, and could possibly harm it if you give out TMI that later affects a child’s personal safety or bookings.  We suggest members use an alternative identity for the safety and protection of your child.

Q: I see it mentioned that this is not a “brag board”? Can I share what my kid is auditioning for? Bookings?
A: Yes, we have a bookings folder where you may post a child’s bookings.  Once you do, you may no longer be anonymous, so consider that before posting.  An alternative is to open a new account to post bookings and let a moderator know, especially if you already have Voice in the forum.

Q: I read the TMI rule but am still unclear. What is TMI and why is it bad?
A: Read both the rules on TMI and Personal Safety.  TMI covers protecting your child’s personal information, including school name, location, sports teams.  It also covers booking information. Production and reps (agents/ managers) may want to announce bookings at a planned time for publicity reasons.  A child could lose a job if the parent posts too much information.  This also covers bookings of other actors. If it’s something that shouldn’t be on the board yet (booking) or at all (personal), don’t post it.

Q: I have a business related to show business. Can I post a link?
A: We allow members one link to a website if it’s of interest to members, but we don’t allow sales.  If you aren’t sure where your information fits, ask a moderator.

Q: I have a business NOT related to show business. Can I post a link?
A: The  answer to the previous question applies to this as well.

Q: I posted a question but I’m not getting any answers? What can I do?
A: You may not be getting any answers because you posted your question in the wrong folder or your title is not clear enough or you didn’t put your city, state or region in the title. OR it may simply be that it’s a weekend or holiday or other slow times for our members.

Q: I think I posted in the wrong folder? What do I do now?
A: Email a moderator and they can easily move it to the right folder for you.

Q: My title is not really correct and I want to change it? Can I change it?
A: You can’t change it but a moderator can. Simply email and ask a mod for help.

Q: Why do you suggest that I put my city/state/region in the title? Does it really matter?
A: It could. We have members from all over the US and Canada. Sometimes simply putting that in your title will get a quicker response. And perhaps a better response from someone that is familiar with your area.  If you prefer not to put your personal location information up, giving us a region is helpful.  You may also email a moderator for more suggestions on how to share without giving TMI.

Q: What does bump mean?
A: When a member asks about information we’ve talked about before, someone will often “bump” a discussion to the top of the list so it appears as new.

Q: What does DD, DS, DH, SO and DC mean?
A: This is a very popular question here at PARF. It’s primarily a quick way to talk about loved ones without using real names. Here’s a list of some of the shortcuts our members may use.  Our list of Internet Acronyms

BTW: “By the way”
FWIW: “For what it’s worth”
IIRC: “If I recall correctly”
ITA: “I totally agree”
DD: “Dear daughter”
DS: “Dear son”
DH: “Dear husband”
DC: “Dear children”
SO: “Significant other”
TIA: “Thanks in advance”
YMMV: “Your mileage may vary”

Q: What is a shill? Why don’t you like them?
A: A shill is someone who poses as a parent or forum member in order to sell something or sway opinions.  The posts aren’t legitimate because the poster isn’t who they represent themselves to be and the purpose isn’t to share resources but to sell or intentionally convert opinions.

Q: I don’t like the way I am being treated on the board by another member. What should I do?
A: We have many  moderators.  Between us, we read every post and are alert to rudeness.  If we miss something or you feel we need to look at it, you may email a moderator or, better, fill out a Violation Report which goes immediately to the moderator’s email accounts.  We will address it as soon as someone sees it.

Q: I don’t like the way that someone else is being treated by another member. What should I do?
A: See the previous answer

Q: A member is using bad language or is discussing a topic that makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?
A: Contact a moderator immediately.  If it’s urgent, you may email or PM several moderators.  Click on the membername of a moderator and select the option you prefer.

Q: It seems like everyone’s child here is successful, working and a star? Is this true?
A: Some of our members have very successful children with long resumes, but our membership ranges from complete beginners to successful working actors.  A few of our members’ children are name actors.  Our board is for everyone, and we go out of our way to help parents whose children are new to acting or new to a larger market.

Q: It seems like everyone here knows each other and are buddies. Is this true?
A:  People who post often tend to get to know one another.  A few members might know other members offline from jobs, acting classes or other shared activities their children have participated in.  Our board welcomes everyone.  The best way to become part of our group is to post, thoughtfully and kindly, offer help when you can, be open to suggestions and ideas of others.



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