Acronyms and their Definitions

Acting Acronyms

ACTRA: Canadian Union
AD: Assistant Director
ADR: Additional Dialogue Recorded/Automatic or Automated Dialogue Replacement
AEA: Actor’s Equity Association
BD: Breakdown
BG: Background
CD: Casting director
HS: Headshot
PA: Production assistant
SAG-AFTRA – Actor’s Guild
VO: Voiceover

General Internet Acronyms

BB or BBS Internet bulletin board
BBL be back later
BC before children
BF boyfriend or best friend
BIL brother-in-law
BRB be right back
BTDT been there, done that
BTW by the way
CWIM see what I mean
DC dear child
DD dear daughter
DF dear fiance
DH dear husband
DP dear partner
DS dear son
DSD dear stepdaughter
DSS dear stepson
DW dear wife
FIL father-in-law
FT full time
FTR for the record
FWIW for what it’s worth
FYI for your information
HTH hope this helps
IIRC: if I recall correctly
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMO in my opinion
IRL in real life
ITA I totally agree
JJ or J/J just joking
JK or J/K just kidding
JMHO just my humble opinion, or just my honest opinion
KWIM know what I mean
LO little one
LOL laughing out loud
MIL mother-in-law
NMS not my style
NMSAA not my style at all
NOMB none of my business
NP no problem
OMG oh my gosh, or oh my god
OP original poster
OT off topic
PITA: pain in the a**
PIMP: peed in my pants
PIMPLMAO: peed in my pants laughing my a** off
PP previous poster
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
SAHD stay-at-home dad
SAHM stay-at-home mom
SAHP stay-at-home parent
SIL sister-in-law
SO significant other
TIA thanks in advance
TMI too much information
TPY 18+ to play younger
WAH work at home
WOH work out of the home
YMMV your mileage may vary


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