Elusive audition feedback

Does your agent or manager get feedback from CDs about your child’s auditions? Do they pass it along to you? Is it ever worthwhile?  We assume any feedback is better than silence, but generic comments or false compliments aren’t very useful to actors who don’t book the job.

We hear it all. The actor was too________ pretty/tall/short.  The actor gave a perfect audition performance but they wanted someone who was more natural. The most generic and useless is “we went a different direction.” Well, of course they did. They hired someone else.

If your child is in the final mix and the CD is kind enough to let you know through a rep in advance that the part went to someone else, you can move ahead to the next audition. Ultimately, feedback is more of a scheduling issue, because once your child’s rep knows it’s the end of the road for an actor, they know the child will be free for the next project.

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