Good and bad referrals

A referral for a meeting with an agent, manager, esteemed coach for entry into a specialized acting class or in front of a casting director can be the best break your child ever gets or the worst.  When an industry pro thinks your child actor has talent and sends them to someone who can help further their career, it can be a springboard to next level. Ideally, that interview or audition might go well and result in signing with a new rep, a great audition or a future job offer. That is if everything goes well.  If the referral is done as a favor or the actor isn’t ready for the next step, it can become an obligation and not a serious meeting.

How do you know? Be objective and ignore your emotions. Is the referral offered freely by someone who sees special potential in your child?  Did you have to ask or push the person giving the referral?  Are you positive your child is ready to be seen by the agent, manager, coach, or network?  Is the interview or audition going to go well? Is your child prepared to accept an offer that might result after the meeting?

Sometimes you don’t know and the best solution is to just take the meeting or audition and see what happens. If it doesn’t go well use that as a lesson learned for the next time.  Think of a referral as an opportunity, not a definite outcome.

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