Plan college visits now!

If you have a child who is entering 10-11-12th grades this fall and haven’t started visiting prespective colleges, this is the time to make lists and plan visits.  Even if your child is working regularly and doesn’t plan to attend college, that could change overnight. When they see friends applying and being accepted to universities and getting excited about the big transition, going to college might become more attractive.  If they are working on a series now, a visit this summer can give them ideas on schools for the future.

Don’t just pick the closest school or an elite or Ivy and stop there. Help your child select a variety of schools, including a challenge, a close match and a likely admission.  Decide on possible locations, school size and reputations in your child’s major interest.  If your child has been a working actor for years, suggest they choose a different major. Working as a professional actor is like getting a degree in acting. Why not branch out and develop other interests?

Colleges are interested in students who homeschool, so don’t let that limit your child’s choices if you are a homeschooling family.  Do research and make plans now for the future. Graduation Day will be here before you know it.

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