Credits and billing order

Credits are slippery things. If your child books a lead role, you can be assured the credits will be listed correctly on IMDB. But what happens if your child films an uncredited role?  How is billing order determined on a project? What happens if IMDB gets it wrong?

Uncredited is a dilemma, because if your child films a role without credits it may not show up on IMDB.  Or it may show up as uncredited.  Why? If a cast is large, the first 50 listed in order by production may be the only roles and credits listed on IMDB.  Voiceover roles used to show up as uncredited, but recently they have begun listing them.

Billing order can be determined in different ways. Principals may be listed first, credited cast next followed by uncredited if they are listed at all.  Cast lists can also be listed alphabetically.  If the cast lists are set by production you can’t do much about it,

Knowing that the credits are usually set by production, there isn’t much you can do about billing order. If a mistake has been made, you can contact IMDB amd request a correction.

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