Turning down an audition

Ideally, by the time your child receives an audition you will have already decided where your lines are in the sand and expressed that to your child’s agent. Communication is important. So if a role or project which your child will not take is offered, the agent will say no before it ever gets to you. Since the process of auditioning isn’t perfect and project details aren’t always clear, that may not happen and you might have to make a difficult decision about an audition in a short period of time. What do you do?

The question was asked about a role for a young teenager that was being offered to 10-11 year olds. We call those risky roles either because the material will expose a child to the wrong type of attention or because a child is too young for mature content.   As a parent, you know when your child is too young for a role and it’s your job to say No. Once you make that decision, put it aside and move on. You are your child’s protector and you should not regret it.  Read more about this here.

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