Social media name and identity verification

There are imposters on social media. Facebook and Twitter come to mind, but anywhere people can post data or set up accounts without verification leaves actors vulnerable to impersonation by fakes.  A fake social media account can be dangerous to child actors. Friends may unknowingly out or give away secret, personal information about your child, including school name or your location.  Comments may be said that aren’t true and may damage an actor’s reputation or public image.

You may think it’s easy to verify that a page you post belongs to your child, but the process is complicated.  We have reports that verification is easiest when a company having a relationship  with the site does it for you.  If your child is attached to a studio or network project, they may complete the process for your child. Or you can pay a reputable business around $500 to do it for you.  You may try to verify yourself and might be successful.

We discuss it here.

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