Spending Wisely: Consultants – Part 2

One of our forum members is looking for an acting consultant to help with thorny questions, like when to leave a manager. Is this a wise use of your child’s money?

There is no legitimate, necessary acting-related job description titled “Consultant.” Who might try to sell their consulting services to parents of actors?  One example on our board is a person who helped a child decide what to wear to a headshot photo session and which pictures to use…for a price.  That sounds useful, but the child’s agent, sometimes a manager, typically selects the child’s headshots.  Today, experienced actors are more likely to be asked to for a current reel than a new headshot, so a consultant is superfluous in that situation. A good photographer will suggest what clothing your child bring to a photo session.  You can also get ideas from looking at examples of good headshots of children online.

Based on our feedback from members, even if someone, usually the parent of a former child actor or an adult with industry experience, puts out a shingle as a “Consultant,” it’s unlikely to be a service your child actor needs.

We are taking about consultants here.


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