Parents of actors and spending wisely – Part 1

There are always places you can spend money, but businesses that target parents of actors with services you don’t need are insidious.  Even more than the call you get on your landline offering to remodel a property you may or may not own that doesn’t need any upgrades or a sales call on your cell phone with vacation offers you can resist, sales to parents of are full of tempting offers.  They usually have the same premises.

“We know the secrets to success. Learn from us.”
“We can get your child an agent/a manager/discovered.”

We all know the real secret. A workshop, a seminar, a paid specialist can’t get your child onto a series or into a big film role. All they can do is take your money and maybe chip away a little at the impossible mountain standing between your child and success. When you give up a portion of your life or income to a stranger, you lose privacy as well as cash, and you may put your child’s safety at risk.  So, be dollar wise. Research any person or business who promises an easy road to fame. There isn’t one for most actors.  Save your money, ask questions and don’t get scammed.

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