Is your child prepared to interview?

Child actors learn early in their careers how to slate and to audition, they prepare monologues and learn to read and dissect a script. They don’t usually learn to interview. There are several steps to building a successful interview style.  Actors should dress well.  While we tend to dress our children down for auditions, when meeting with an agent, wear an age appropriate outfit that is flattering.  With teens, make sure it’s not too casual or trendy unless your child is a character actor and the outfit helps suggest your child’s type. If you aren’t sure, ask on the PARF forum.

Prepare your child by staying calm and letting the child know this is a fun meeting where the agent gets to know them.  If the agent reps for commercials, have one prepared, along with a monologue unless your child is very young.  If your child reads, work on fluency before the interview.  They may be asked to do a cold reading.

An agent wants to see your child’s real personality. While you want your child to be polite and not disruptive, the agent will be looking for more than one-word answers to questions. Your child may be introduced to assistant agents or other office personnel.

If your child is older, you may not be invited in for the entire interview. With a reputable agency, that should not be a problem. If you are included, let your child do the talking unless you are asked a direct question. If you want feedback about an agent or agency, ask on the forum.

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