Book out!

It’s that time of year when there are no auditions and you can go on vacation and travel worry free without missing a thing.

Is it?  If you are going away, make sure you book out for the duration of your vacation. If your child signs up for summer camp and can’t return for a quick audition, book out. If you won’t be available for calls, texts or emails from your child’s agent or manager, book out.

It’s a running joke that the minute you plan a vacation and pay for a cruise/hotel room/motor home rental, your child will get called for a big, can’t-miss, “opportunity of a lifetime” audition.

What is your take-away from this blog post?  If it’s that this a slow time of year and you can easily go away, without concern for auditions or bookings, read it again.  Even though this is a traditionally slow time of year, in reality an audition can come through any time. So BOOK OUT!

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