Reliable sources

When a child is going out for a job, parents want to stay updated on the audition process. We want to know where casting is at every step, and how our child fits in with what they want. We realized it’s not always possible, but at the same time, it’s easy to get caught up in every bit of gossip on the Internet.  Sometimes information is released that isn’t accurate or that is premature.  We might hear that the breakdown for a five year old blonde child has been changed to a seven year old Hispanic child. One of our members’ sons lost out on a movie role to a girl his age when casting switched genders of the role and it was rewrite for a female actor they wanted to hire.

On PARF, we only accept reliable and verified sources. That usually means from an accepted publication like Hollywood Reporter or a direct press release from production.  It doesn’t usually include tweets or Facebook posts. If you aren’t certain if a source is reliable about a casting decision or a booking, ask one of the forum moderators. We are happy to help clear up any questions you have.

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