Every spring we eagerly look for news of college acceptances for our members who are seniors in high school or college transfers.  Sometimes a student/actor will be wait-listed at a university.  If that happens to your child, don’t panic. Colleges very often have to pull students from their lists, so it’s not over yet.

What can you do while you are waiting for a final outcome?

  1. Look at your child’s other options. Is there an acceptable school that offered admission? Financial or merit aid?
  2. Selected another school for now and put down a dorm deposit or it may be too late. You may lose all or part of the deposit but it’s better than not having a dorm option.
  3. Help your child realize that even though they love a school, there are other places where they can get a great education.
  4. If your child’s grades improve substantially in the fall semester of their senior year, submit those transcripts to admissions at the WL college as soon as they are available. It could make a difference.
  5. Read the WL letter carefully. Are you required to take any action to remain on the list? If so, do exactly what they ask.

Our discussion on college wait lists.

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