A Parent’s Instincts – Agent and Manager Meetings

You finally get the meeting you want for your child with a new agent or manager.  After your child had talked with them you ask for feedback from your child, and you decide something isn’t quite right.  How can you evaluate a rep before signing? Should you listen to your instincts if something seems wrong?  Yes. Always.

There are questions to ask yourself. Is the agent or manager wildly excited about repping your child?  Does the rep understand your child and seem to have the child’s best interests in mind?  Is the person respectful of your child? Are you both comfortable working with this person for the next several years?

An offer may seem like the chance of a lifetime, but take your time and don’t rush into anything. We have members who can research and give feedback on any reps if you aren’t sure it’s a match. Find out more.

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