CD Workshops–again, and again…

This question comes up at least once a year, maybe more.  Should an actor pay for casting director workshops?  Showcases?  What if the owner is found to be scamming people? Is it a scam or not?  The circular argument continues.


It is illegal to pay for a job interview, therefore it is illegal to pay for an audition.

If an acting workshop is sold as an audition (or interview), then it violates the law, at least in California, and is what we we call a scam.

If the workshop is billed as a class, then it’s legal, but then why call it a workshop and not a class?

If it’s a class then teaching should occur, but that isn’t always the case.

If our members like a workshop, find a rep through one, get a real audition or a job, they like it.  If they paid money thinking their child would earn it back as a direct result and that doesn’t happen, they don’t like it.  Every time this subject comes up, someone posts that workshops/showcases are a good idea.  OK, but what if….


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