The end of Pilot Season

Every year for the last 14 years we have heard there is no more Pilot Season, yet every year in February and March, our members are flooded with major network pilot auditions. So we know each has some truth. The traditional pilot season now encompasses the entire year, save for a week or two in early summer. The four major non-cable networks still follow the traditional timetable.  The end we refer to here isn’t the literal “end” end but the winding down of the 2016 season.

It was a good season for 18 TPY (actors over age 18 who can play teenagers). At least one of our members had 8 pilot auditions this year.  Many more had single auditions to get their feet wet and learn the process. Wherever your child is on the acting spectrum, from newbie to a life-long (so far) career, the season can be frustrating, but also exhilarating as we all wait to see which pilots the networks pick up, which are recast and which ones will not see daylight (or evening).

Next stop: Upfronts

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