Saying no to auditions for “type”

We’ve always said you need to know your limits before getting an audition.  Where do you draw the line and when do you turn down an audition? For children, content and language are usually the dividing lines. With teen actors, it’s harder to say no for content because teen roles are often more risqué or sketchier than parents like.  It’s within your right to turn down inappropriate auditions, especially for what we call risky roles. But should an actor turn down a role for “type?”  What do you do if your child only wants to audition for their own type?

Technically, you can turn an audition down for any reason, but if you do, you limit your child’s chances of booking jobs. Acting is about becoming someone else. If your child won’t do that, maybe acting isn’t right for them. Our members have strong opinions on this subject.

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