Pilot Season Craziness

We’ve seen it before. Pilot Season starts and parents watch their calm, confidence slowly ooze away.  They being to feel frantic, even panic. They know if their child gets just one more audition, the “right” one, they will book and film a pilot that is picked up and go on to work for the next 7 years on a successful series.  Or not.  Most pilots filmed aren’t picked up. Even the ones that you know are sure bets aren’t.  Your child is more likely to film a pilot that isn’t picked up than one that fits the above scenario.

So why go through it? Why participate in pilot season, especially one that might not exist?   Other than spec projects, nothing else has less chance of being seen by a wide audience. One answer: for the experience.  There is nothing quite like a pilot audition or booking, which is why we recommend trying for its even when the odds are stacked again your child.

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