Nudity Rider in Contract

The last thing parents of child actors think about is allowing their children to perform nude. It’s not legal for minors, so they won’t need to add a nudity clause to a contract for a long time, but the best way to be prepared at the time is to learn about it now. Your child will not be confronted with this until age 18. They will be negotiating their contracts without a parent for the first time, so it’s a subject they need to be comfortable talking to an agent, manager, attorney or production about in a mature and responsible way.

Teens may be asked to portray simulated sexual or nude acts, possibly with a body double, and as a parent, you will want to be informed, so you can get objectionable material covered in the contract before your child is asked to portray an act on screen. Not only do you not want your child to be uncomfortable, child safety is an issue, too. We often refer to roles with material of this kind as “risky roles.”

Our discussion covers it all (no pun intended) using PG language. This isn’t a racy subject, it’s informative.  Read it here.

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