Acting Plans in the New Year

Sites love publishing articles about New Year Resolutions, which most of us, if we are truthful to ourselves, make and don’t keep.  We try, but if you tallied up at the end of last year, how many of your 2015 resolutions did you keep?  Instead of resolutions, we encourage parents of actors to guide your child or teen actor to make plans for the upcoming year. One of your most important parenting activities is preparing your child for the future, whether it’s years out or next week.

The first, of course, is the network pilot season, such as it is.  Is there really a pilot season? Maybe not in the traditional sense but almost every year, we note there are many auditions for pilot jobs for children and teens.  This is a good time for lesser known actors to get out and meet CDs, and possibly book a role in a pilot that wants unknowns and new faces.

Are you ready for pilots or for any auditions?  With a very slow fall acting season for minor actors, you might have focused attention on other things and not prepared for a surge of auditions.  Can your child answer each of these questions with a Yes?

  1.  Are your headshots up to date?  Do they reflect your current look, age and represent who you are?
  2.  Do you need any brushup classes?  Is your auditioning technique perfected?  Are your reading skills age-appropriate or advanced?
  3. Do you have a coach or coaches lined up and on speed dial if you get a last minute audition that needs extra work?
  4. Is your auditioning wardrobe clean and in good shape?  Have you worn out or outworn anything in your closet?  Do you have plans to shop if you need clothes?  What about comfortable shoes?
  5. Do you need a haircut or a makeover?  That should be scheduled now before things get busy.
  6. Are you up to date or ahead in school in case you book something that films quickly and need to miss out on the classroom time?  Is your relationship with your school good so you can take the time off you need for acting?
  7. If you homeschool, are your studies current or are you ahead?

Just for teens:

  1. Are you planning for college?  If you are a sophomore or junior, do you have college visits scheduled?  This is the time to step that up, as colleges often have open houses during the spring, fortunately after pilots have been booked and filmed.  Make sure your college lists are up to date and check activity and event schedules.  Sign up if you need to do so in advance.
  2. Are your grades good?  This is the time to get the best grades you can, not slide through while you put all your attention into acting.
  3. Have you put thought into what you plan to study in college?
  4. If you are pursuing MT, have you planned for Unifieds or for individual school auditions?

Your lists should be longer than ours. This is a guide to get you started.  The rest is up to you and your child.  Happy New Year!

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