Where are they now?

We’ve all had favorite child actors, other than our own children, who we watched on TV and saw in movies.  It seemed like they were in everything for years, and then suddenly, they weren’t.  Have you followed your favorites?  Are they still acting?   Did they go to college or into other careers?  Are they still working on projects that you don’t see?

See what we have to say about former child actors and join us in sharing your favorites.

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2 Responses to Where are they now?

  1. That’s got to be hard to be a child actor who doesn’t make it as an adult actor. Those who are successful either have “it” as adults or some are realistic and find an alternate profession, some get into directing, producing etc.

    Cute kids don’t always become attractive, charismatic adults, the kinds wanted for leading roles.

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    • parfboard says:

      That’s true. All child actors need to be prepared for other careers as adults. We encourage everyone to either go to college or a trade school, or otherwise prepare for a career. Even successful adult actors have time between projects that needs to be filled.


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