The acting market is so slow it’s dead

We’ve all been waiting since mid July for the 2025-2016 to take off exponentially for child actors. It didn’t. For most of our members, auditions in NYC and LA are non existent. Disney? Nickelodeon? There is very little going on at either studio. In simple language, at this moment in time in the two biggest markets in the country, the acting business is dead.

You’re all wondering the same things:

Q: “It will pick up for pilot season…won’t it?”
A: If last year is any indication, we had 260,000 views in one day on our board when a hot pilot was auditioning. Our answer: Maybe. Probably. A lot of new shows, especially comedies, center around families. Families need children. Dramas also feature families, sometimes with children. The jobs may not be huge. The boys on Blue Bloods only show up at family dinner toward the end of each show. The good news is that a job like that doesn’t involve days and days of filming so your child can have a real kid’s life outside of work.

Q: “Will pilot auditions go to newcomers?”
A: Pilots are the best chance for a new actor with talent and representation to book a big project. The competition might already be signed to an ongoing series and unavailable or filming a movie. New faces are cheaper for production. So yes, there is a better chance of landing an audition and maybe even a job. If you are in LA, go for it. If not, ask on our message board. Moving to LA for pilot season is a bigger subject than we can cover in this one blog post.

Q: “Should we think about quitting?”
A: Yes. If you are asking it means you are already considering it so look at your child’s options and interests carefully. Taking a break from TV/Film acting until it gets busier means your child will have time to pursue activities that don’t involves sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring or for that all important text from your agent. Think about pursuing local theater. That isn’t as glamorous as going on camera, unless your local theater is on Broadway. If your child is old enough, they might want to write, plan and film their own project. Consider going out for school productions.

If your child would like to go out for sports or dance or something other than acting, even just being a child in the neighborhood for a while, don’t quit outright. Instead book out for an extended period of time. Don’t drop out of the Union, continue paying dues and give your child time to decide if they want to give it up permanently.

Q: ” All my child wants to do is act on TV and in movies”
A: Then don’t quit. Take classes, take up a sport with flexibility in case jobs pick up. Nick and Disney will eventually go back to filming new projects and other jobs for children should be available.  It’s not clear why episodic auditions didn’t pick up like they usually do, but for now, assume that things will get better eventually.

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2 Responses to The acting market is so slow it’s dead

  1. Astrid Cook says:

    I do wonder if some of the slowdown isn’t based on the political situation – i.e. that the Presidential election is coming up. I know that a lot of (non-entertainment) businesses tend to become more conservative in an election year (no one likes uncertainty… and the only certain thing about next year is that we WILL have a new President). Especially with television, you’re typically looking a year out before a show will make it to air, so maybe that’s why things have slowed down? I know that entertainment opportunities were down in 2007-2008 (largely because of economic issues), and maybe that cycle is back.


  2. parfboard says:

    Disney had several series ending and has two new series that I know of which are gearing up. It’s possible it is political….or economic, or coincidental.


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