Taking it easy

Your child is in the middle of a busy season, with daily auditions, punctuated with bookings.  One project opens amid fanfare, a red carpet, and many photos and interviews.  You are on a whirlwind that never stops.  Between your child’s work, parents’ jobs, school, and daily living, you feel like you never get a break. What can you do?

  1.  Take a weekend off.  No jobs, no work, no activities.  Act like a tourist in your own community.  Do something with your family that you haven’t done before.
  2.   Spend a night doing things each of you enjoys.  Cook dinner together.  Play a board game.  Sing favorite songs.  Read a book out loud.  Create a craft project.
  3.  Do you feel like you are always tired?  Pick one night and go to sleep early or turn off the alarm clock on a Saturday or Sunday and sleep late.
  4. Ask each family member to list five things they would love to do in their free time in order of importance and compare lists.  Pick the one that most want to do, and then work your way down the lists so everyone gets one or two choices over a period of time.
  5. Work on time management and build leisure time into your schedule.

Acting can take over the lives of all family members.  It can separate you.  If you allow it to, an child’s acting career can disrupt family functioning.  With creative planning and determined choices, you can keep that from happening to your family.

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