Fame Game isn’t Worth it for Former Child Actor

Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.  She knows who she is and doesn’t buy into the Hollywood hype.  This interview shows her unique take on the industry.

I realized at some point that I can live this life in my own way, that there are ways of joining Hollywood without being someone other than myself.

We notice parents of child actors new to the industry often worry a lot about what other people think.  They want to follow the “rules” and not color outside the lines.  That is important to a point.  For example, it’s a good idea to learn what your child’s agent wants  in terms of commitment and behavior and follow it.  A child actor must learn to take direction and to do what is expected of them on the job.  And it’s usually better to keep a low profile rather than get the wrong kind of media attention.  What they can learn from this young adult actor is that they need to learn who they are, what they need and to stay true to themselves.  When the child actors on our forum move into the world of working adults, they couldn’t find many better role models than Jennifer.

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