How Involved should Parents be in Adult Actor’s Career?

Teens who leave home for college do it gradually, a few semesters at a time.  Child actors who continue acting after they turn 18, don’t have that grace period where they have one foot in the home and one foot out.  Although many can’t wait to move out, others may continue to live at home if it’s convenient for auditioning and work.  Parents assume they will eventually turn over the entire business of acting to their adult children, including agent and manager contract negotiations, job decisions and the other choices all actors have to make on a regular basis. In addition to acting and all the related pursuits, some of the life skills an actor over age 18 must master involve time and money management as well.

We’ve been talking about how involved parents should be in their children’s careers, and came to the conclusion it depends on the child.  For more information on when and how to let go, and when to stick around and remain in a managerial or personal assistant-type role for your adult children, check this out.

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