Keeping on

We’ve talked about how slow it was last month and even today, I had a conversation with a few moms who said it’s picking up but not nearly fast enough.  We wondered how the reps stay in business through a dry spell like we are facing now.  Then I heard that one child got a commercial audition and booked it. Another is waiting to hear about a guest role, and a third has a new pilot scheduled to come out early next year.  It’s those unexpected and sudden bookings, whether our child or someone else’s, that keep parents going when it seems like it would be easier to encourage their child actors to quit.

I once talked to an experienced coach, who was the coach of choice for several early Disney projects.  He said a young woman he knew started at age 18, which we all know is late compared to child actors who have been building resumes since they learned to read.  It took her 12 years to get her first part, and she has been acting nonstop since then. He wouldn’t tell me her name and I couldn’t figure it out based on the information I had, but it told me that persistence pays off in acting, just as it does in anything else.

This is a topic we will be discussing for a long time, in different ways, but our little group today concluded that if our children love the pursuit and business of acting, they should continue.  They can only be child actors until they turn 18, and then they are into a new realm as adults in the business.

Enjoy the journey.

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