An Actor’s First Kiss

It’s not supposed to happen this way.  A teen’s first kiss is supposed to be with someone special their own age, in a private setting–not under the hot lights of a film set and not with someone twenty years older.  As child actors quickly learn, nothing about their working lives can be considered “normal.”

For a humorous look at one young man’s childhood experience, check this out:

It would have been my first kiss. I was nervous about it and I hadn’t even gone on the audition yet, let alone scored the part.


In the spring of 2000, when I was in sixth grade, a script popped out of my parents’ fax machine for a movie called Wet Hot American Summer. All I knew was that it was written by the guys behind something called The State, and that it would star a bunch of actors I’d never heard of, like Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, and Bradley Cooper. What was clear, even after reading just a handful of pages, was that the plot was unbelievably strange — no moment stranger than the scene in which my character, Aaron, a precocious kid who falls in love with his camp arts and crafts counselor, consummates his crush with a full-blown kiss.

How I Survived a Fake Summer Camp

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